GAC Memberships

The GAC is a non-profit sports club that offers four types of memberships for individuals and family groups.

All participants, regardless of membership status, must agree to the GAC’s Terms & Conditions before training.



Available to new participants, this memberships gives individuals 2 FREE training classes over a period of 2 months.


This membership allows members to participate in GAC Training Classes and events on a monthly basis.


This membership allows members to participate in all GAC Training Classes as well as full voting rights in all GAC matters.


This is a membership for those who support the GAC but do not participate in GAC Training Classes.



GAC Code of Conduct

To promote a healthy and safe community within the club, this document describes the standards of behavior expected of each member of the club.

GAC Code of Conduct – English

GAC Verhaltenskodex – Deutsch


GAC Member Roles & Responsibilities

The GAC’s primary goal is to keep its members training, this document describes the expectations of each member in their participation with the club both on and off the mat.

GAC Member Roles & Responsibilities – English

GAC Mitglieder Rollen und Verantwortlichkeiten – Deutsch


GAC By-Laws

This document describes the club organizations and guidelines by which it operates.

GAC By-Laws – English

GAC Statuten – Deutsch

Membership Costs



Per Class – CHF 15.00

Trail Training – FREE

Adult (18+)

(2A) Quarterly – CHF 90.00 

(1A) Annually – CHF 300.00 

Youth (under 18)

(4A) Quarterly – CHF 60.00

(3A) Annually – CHF 200.00 



For those with 2 or more members in the same household

Family (all ages)

(6A) Quarterly – CHF 150.00

(5A) Annually – CHF 500.00

Siblings (Youths only)

(8A) Quarterly – CHF 120.00

(7A) Annually – CHF 350.00

Special Rates


Special Pricing for Individuals

Adult – Student (18+)

(10A) Quarterly – CHF 60.00

(9A) Annually – CHF 200.00

Adult Aikidoka

(12A) Quarterly – CHF 30.00

(11A) Annually – CHF 100.00


Equipment Costs

No equipment is required for trying out Aikido. When you decide to train regularly with a GAC membership a uniform will be required.

Below are the uniforms and equipment currently available through the GAC. Any “GAC” items listed below includes the Dojo’s Shield embroidered on the item.

Please email us for the current availability.


Basic Uniform – Outshock

Gi Jacket, White – 30 CHF

Gi Pants, White – 20 CHF

Belt, White – 10 CHF

Premium Uniform – Tonbo

GAC Gi Jacket, White – 60 CHF

Gi Pants, White – 32 CHF

Gi Pants, Dark Blue – 32 CHF

Kid Uniform – Outshock

Kinder Gi, White – 20 CHF

(Includes Jacket, Pants & Belt)

Sizes 95 – 154



102 cm, White Oak – 55 CHF

80 cm, White Oak – 45 CHF


127 x 2.7 cm, White Oak – 60 CHF

135 x 2.7 cm, White Oak – 65 CHF


Tanto, White Oak – 15 CHF

Shinai, Fukuro – 75 CHF

Sets & Accessories

GAC Uniform Set

White Gi Jacket with the club shield embroidered in black, Dark Blue Gi Pants, & White Belt.

100 CHF

Basic Weapons Set

Set includes a Bokken, Jyo, and Tanto all in white oak. Comes with a basic black weapons bag.

150 CHF


GAC Shield Patch – 5 CHF

Basic Weapons Bag – 20 CHF

GAC Premium Weapons Bag – 50 CHF

Current Availability