Training Types

HIIT Conditioning

Aikido training provides a unique mixture of cardio, strength, coordination and flexibility training found in few activities. Aikido HIIT Conditioning attempts to emulate the physical training in a concentrated solo-activity.

Recommended Ages 13+

Additional Information

Aikido – Body Arts (Unarmed)

The backbone of Aikido training, Body Arts is an unarmed training that is practiced with partners and guided by an instructor. Students learn how to utilize the energy provided by an attack to throw or bind their aggressor in such a way as to limit injury.  Within Aikido there is no sparring or competitions, every student is encouraged to train with as many people as possible through guest-visits, seminars and special events.

Recommended Ages 10+

Aikido – Weapons Training

Weapons work is an essential part of Aikido training, practiced with a Bokken (wooden sword), Jyo (wooden staff) and Tanto (wooden knife). Training is done in pairs, with some solo practices, to draw parallels between working with and without weapons.

Recommended Ages 10+

Aikido Kids Course

The GAC offers specific classes for children from 5 to 12 years old. Children’s classes are designed for children to work on motor skill development, mental focus, observation, self-discipline and develop an inherent respect for those around them. 

Recommended Ages 7 – 10

Under 7 years old – An adult is required to accompany the child on the mat.

Iaido – Now Available!

A solo practice that focuses on the art of drawing a Japanese sword (katana) and completing traditional forms. Used with a Bokken (wooden sword), Iaito (blunted metal blade) or a Katana (sharpened “live” blade) while wearing a traditional uniform.

Recommended Ages 16+