The Griffin Aikido Club

The Griffin Aikido Club Balzers, also known as the GAC, is a non-profit sport club that is associated with the Birankai Switzerland National Aikido Organization, serving the town of Balzers, Liechtenstein and the surrounding area. 

The primary purpose/mission of the Griffin Aikido Club Balzers is to practice and teach the art of Aikido and related practices in the Birankai Style through regular classes, seminars and special events to all age groups.

The secondary purpose/ mission of Griffin Aikido Club Balzers is to promote the values of respect, self-discipline, awareness, empathy and camaraderie within the Aikido dojo’s local community and within the international Aikido community.

The association is politically and denominationally neutral.

Chief Instructor

Sara Crawford

The GAC dojo’s Chief Instructor is Sara Crawford, a Birankai Nidan Fukushidoin. (second degree black belt – assistant teacher)

Originally from California, USA; Sara trained extensively at San Diego Aikikai in San Diego, California as a Kensushe under Sensei Deena Drake before moving to Liechtenstein in 2017.

Training Location


Balzers Turnhalle & Hallenbad

Gnetsch 41

9496, Balzers, Liechtenstein

The GAC utilizes two rooms within the Turnhalle facility for different practices.

There is free parking at the facility, with dressing rooms and showers on the ground floor, the Multipurpose Room on the first floor, and the Turnhalle on the second floor.

In addition there is an outdoor lawn space used for weapons work depending on weather conditions.




The Garderoben (dressing rooms), Duschen (showers) & WC (bathrooms) can be found downstairs from the entrance on the same level as the Hallenbad (swimming pool).

There are separate rooms for men and women.



Indoor aikido training takes place in HALL 1 of the Turnhalle (gymnasium), this is located 1.5 staircases up from the entrance.

Outdoor aikido training takes place on the Lawn next to the Turnhalle.



The HIIT Conditioning training takes place in the Mehrzweckraum (multipurpose room).

This room is located in the Turnhalle Facility, one   staircase up from the entrance.





Contact Us

Feel free to contact us through any of the methods provided below with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

  Text at +423 791 22 52

  +423 791 22 52