Griffin Aikido Club Balzers (GAC)


Aikido training now available in Balzers, Liechtenstein for Youths, Teens and Adults.

What is Aikido? A traditional Japanese martial art that utilizes joint locks and throws in such a manner as to limit the harm done to an opponent.

There is no sparring or competition within the Aikido practice, instead Aikido holds seminars as a way to expose students to as many teachers and practitioners as possible. 

Where and When is the training? The Aikido Training is held in the Balzers Turnhalle on Saturday Mornings with additional training days coming soon!

Who is Aikido For? Aikido is for all ages, we recommend starting as young as 6 or 7 years old in our Aikido-Kids Training. For Teens and Adults our regular Aikido Training is a great way to develop and maintain your physical conditioning, flexibility, coordination and awareness.

How much does it cost? The GAC offers several different types of memberships and courses starting at 60 CHF with Free Trial Trainings available at any time. As a non-profit group our first priority is to keep those interested in training in the dojo.

More about Aikido & the GAC

Aikido Training’s Flexibility

Aikido training for all ages, as a non-competitive martial art participants are given the freedom to progress at their own speed. The training emphasizes the importance of self-discipline, respect, observation and participation in a traditional Japanese dojo environment.

Start Training Anytime!

There is no need to wait for a course, book 1-2 trial training sessions to try out Aikido and get to know the group and trainers. 

Free Trial Training

Aikido training is best understood through participation. Trial trainings is the most effective way to find out if this is an activity for you or your child.

Trial trainings are available for any of the GAC’s activities.

More About Training Types

Beginner Courses

Courses are short-term series of classes intended to give participants the basics in Aikido training without the longer term commitment of a membership.

Courses are available for all activities twice a year in the Fall and Spring.

More About Courses

Regular Membership

Regular training is the best way to gain the full Aikido experience.

Memberships are all-inclusive and are available Annually or Quarterly for both adults and youths with special pricing for Adult Students, Families or Siblings.

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