Training Locations

Dojo Location

Gnetsch 41

9496, Balzers, Liechtenstein

Facility: Turnhalle, Primarschule Balzers

The G.A.C. utilizes two rooms within the Turnhalle facility for different practices.

There is free parking at the facility, with dressing rooms and showers on the first floor, the Turnhalle on the first floor, and the Multipurpose Room on the second floor. In addition there is an outdoor lawn space used for weapons work depending on weather conditions.

Training Room Locations

All GAC training takes place in the Turnhalle/Hallenbad Facility on the Primarschule Balzers Campus.

There is limited parking in front of the building but plenty is available around the corner on the other side of the lawn from the Turnhalle.


The Garderoben (dressing rooms), Duschen (showers) & WC (bathrooms) can be found downstairs from the entrance on the same level as the Hallenbad (swimming pool).

There are separate rooms for men and women.


Indoor aikido training takes place in HALL 1 of the Turnhalle (gymnasium), this is located one staircase up from the entrance.

Outdoor aikido training takes place on the Lawn next to the Turnhalle.


The Aikido HIIT Conditioning training  takes place in the Mehrzweckraum (multipurpose room).

This room is located in the Turnhalle Facility upstairs from the Turnhalle halls.

Campus Map

Facility Layout