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Fall Beginner Aikido Course

Course Description: 

This Beginner Course will instruct students in Birankai Aikido body-arts (empty hand / hand-to-hand) martial arts that includes proper conditioning, safe falling techniques, basic movements and basic Birankai Aikido techniques. More About Aikido

(Arrive 10 minutes early, dressed & ready to go)

Course Details: 

  • Schedule: Saturdays @ 16:00-17:00 
  • Start Date: October 23 
  • Duration: 8 Training Sessions
  • Cost: CHF 60.00
  • Ages: 13+ years old
  • Location: Balzers Turnhalle
  • Equipment: No Uniform or Equipment required

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Regular Classes

  • Body-Art (Unarmed) Classes, All-Levels

(13+ years old)

  • Aikido HIIT Conditioning Sessions

(13+ years old)

More About Classes

  • Kid’s Classes (COMING SOON!)

(5-12 years old)

*** At this time all children’s classes are taught in English. ***

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