Aikido HIIT Conditioning








Practicing Aikido provides students a unique blend of Cardiovascular Exercise, Strength Training, Flexibility Training and Coordination training in every class. Aikido HIIT Conditioning classes aims to capture the blend of physical training in Aikido training in a High Intensity Internal Training (HIIT) format for similar physical benefits.

Aikido HIIT Conditioning is also a great platform for: 



  • Individuals who are looking to maintain or develop their physical conditioning.
  • Prospective Aikido students looking to develop their conditioning for classes.
  • Aikido practitioners who have taken a leave of absence from training.
  • Active individuals looking to maintain their conditioning during off-seasons or bad weather conditions.

These conditioning sessions are for everyone interested in participating, not just Aikido practitioners.









 Some cultural Japanese etiquette is observed in these sessions.



















*** Please Note: Participants are required to bring their own Yoga or Workout Mat,

a towel or small blanket is also recommend for sitting on.***