A traditional Japanese martial art that utilizes joint locks and throws in such a manner as to limit the harm done to an opponent.

More About Aikido

Griffin Aikido Club Balzers

The primary purpose/mission of the Griffin Aikido Club Balzers is to practice and teach the art of Aikido and related practices in the Birankai Style through regular classes, seminars and special events to all age groups.

The secondary purpose/ mission of Griffin Aikido Club Balzers is to promote the values of respect, self-discipline, awareness, empathy and camaraderie within the Aikido dojo’s local community and within the international Aikido community.

The association is politically and denominationally neutral.

About the G.A.C.


  • Body-Art (Unarmed) Classes, All-Levels

(13+ years old)

  • Aikido HIIT Conditioning Sessions

(13+ years old)

More About Classes

  • Kid’s Classes (COMING SOON!)

(5-12 years old)

*** At this time all children’s classes are taught in English. ***

Kid’s Class Waitlist

COVID: For everyone’s safety all participates are 

required to have a 2G Covid-Certificate.


No Upcoming Events

Past Events